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Christmas Ideas for Maternity Photoshoot in Toronto | Outfits Inspiration

Dedicate to pregnant mommies that are going to get their best present shirtly ;)

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and time for New Year & Christmas Photoshoots. The beloved holiday brings an inspiration and a sense of a fairytale into our lives. Every year, more and more families participate in winter photography sessions to receive a little warmth during cold winter days. In this article you will find ideas for your home style or studio Christmas Maternity photoshoot. Also, you can use these ideas for your individual, couple or family photography session.

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The choice of clothing for New Year & Christmas Photoshoots is diverse but might be a bit tricky in the same time. During a regular photoshoot you can have enough time to change 2-3 outfits, so you need to prepare 3 wardrobe options for sure.

Small trick: For the second outfit wear one that you like the most. My experience shows that second outfit always turned out the best!

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1) For Christmas Maternity photoshoot you should prepare totally different outfits. An ideal option would be if you divide your outfits in to 3 divisions: classic, cozy and casual Christmas spirit.

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The first option might be a classic holiday outfit. Floor length dress for her, a suit for him. Children can also wear classic clothes like a lovely evening dress or cute classic pants suit.

Christmas photo shoot is the only time when you might not afraid to go too far with all kinds of sparkles and sequins. Against the Christmas lights background, candles and tinsel, sparkles would look amazing and support overall Christmas atmosphere.

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2) The second outfit option for Christmas Maternity photoshoot is the cozy winter look. Prepare warm, large knitted sweater, woolen or high-knee socks, hat with a pompom and a warm blanket.

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Remember, warm fabrics and a cup of hot chocolate will bring even more coziness and softness to your photos. All of that will emphasize the charm of winter days filled with Christmas tree aroma and family values.

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3) As an option for the third Christmas Maternity photoshoot outfit you can do something simple and casual. For example, if you are going to be with your family or beloved you might do “family style” photography session. Family style photoshoot is when all family members are dressed in the same or similar clothes. For instance, you can wear white t-shirt with handmade Christmas sign or “ugly” sweaters, blue jeans and Dollar store Santa hats or antlers. This choice always looks great in the frame, creates a sense of harmony and fun to standard Christmas photoshoots.

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Considering everything mentioned above I can say that it’s not that hard to prepare outfits for the New Year & Christmas Photoshoots if you use your imagination. For the perfect outfits you should consider both: comfort and attraction of you clothing. Remember, Christmas photoshoot is great reason to wear something that you may not wear so often in everyday life, something attractive and chic.

Check my blog and maternity portfolio for more inspiration. Also, do not hesitate to contact me if you are interested in Christmas Maternity photoshoot in Toronto. Currently I received two luxery Christmas style dresess that inspired me for this article.


Be creative & enjoy yourselves!


! PLEASE NOTE ! If you are using this article or any parts of it for personal or other purposes, you must indicate my authorship and all following:  Source: Photographer Katia Sativa



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