Top 15 Summer Maternity Photoshoot Ideas

Summer is the time when the weather is so pleasant and all around us looks pretty and green. Obviously it's the best time for outdoor photo sessions. As profesional photographer I can say, that this period is really good for pregnancy photography. Because summer clothing nicely emphasise mommy's belly.

In this article you will find 15 best summer outdoor photo ideas for a maternity photoshoot in Toronto. Plus, I added links to places where you can actually capture this photos. This article will be helpful not only for pregnant women, but also for engaging couples and for anyone who is looking for summer photography inspiration.

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1) Street Style Fashion

So, if you have no clue where to do your summer maternity photoshoot in Toronto, just put on your favorite dress and step outside. Believe me Downtown Toronto is really amazing place to take some cool photos. The best thing about it is if you tired with one location, you can find a totally new looking place just behind the corner. Do not afraid to use all shop fronts, building entrances, street crosswalks and caffey terraces.

For street style pregnancy photoshoot you can use any kind of summer clothing. From fancy dress to comfy jeans. Instagram with numerous of fashion bloggers will be the best place for your outfit inspiration.

Click here to explore some cool city spots for maternity photography in Toronto.

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2) City Skylines & Roof Tops

If you live in Toronto, you got so lucky! Not only because you can smoke marijuana legally (just kidding :P ), but also because this city has numerous of beautiful skylines you can use in your maternity photoshoot. You can find all Toronto's skylines on BlogTO.

Moreover, for your photoshoot you can use open roof topes with amazing views. Just make sure you can take photos in the place you picked, especially if there is located any kind of restaurant or bar. The skyline & rooftop idea will also be nice for engagement photography in Toronto.

The best outfit option for this idea would be a cocktail dress. It would look great for both engagement & maternity photoshoots.

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3) Just Go to Park

Park, is also a nice idea if you want to have your maternity photoshoot in Toronto. Parks have this magnificent atmosphere as in some kind of fairytale.

Use all you can see: benches, arches, sculptures, trees etc.

Put on a long summer dress or long skirt and nice top, add some flower to your hair and you are ready for a pregnancy or engagement photoshoot.

Click here to discover some parks in Toronto.

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4) Flowers Softness

One of the most beautiful things on our planet, it is a flower. As profesional photographer I know, that flowers are great as a background for any type of photos and especially for maternity photoshoot in Toronto. Pregnancy add more feminine to a woman and flowers would emphasize her beauty with its softness. And it's fairly easy to find beautiful gardens in Toronto.

For photos with flowers wear light colours and materials. Also, it's always good to put on bright lipstick that match flowers tone.

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5) Retro Picnic

Summer is the best time to go for a picnic. So if you are pregnant or planning to have engagement photoshoot in Toronto just ask your photographer to join you for a picnic. Trust me, you'll have a lot of fun and new positive memories. Plus, photos would always bring you back to this joyful summer atmosphere.

For your picnic put on white, light blue or red short dress, or light pants and man style shirt. Complete your look with straw hat and lots of fruits.

Check out places for a picnic in Toronto.

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6) Spirit of Fields

Warm wind and grass smell, what could be better? If you are looking for a right place for your maternity photoshoot in Toronto, Ontario's fields are open for you. For a professional photographer it will be really easy to capture your story in amazing photos with such a beautyful background.

For pregnant woman it would be nice to wear short light dress. Also, if you are planning to have an engagement photoshoot than put on country style outfit with cowboy boots & hat.

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