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40 Best Outfit Ideas for Maternity Photoshoot (Part 1)

If you do not know what to wear for your studio maternity photoshoot, do not give up! I'm working as a professional maternity photographer in Toronto and have done numerous outfit consultations during last years.

In this article, I'll share with you 40 inspirational pregnancy outfits that you can use.


Calvin Kline underwear looks great for maternity photoshoot. It's a simple and fast way to create stylish outfits that you can afford.


For black & white photos I do like when my clients wear black underwear with a turtle neck shirt or just a regular shirt. Believe me, it also looks sexy and stylish.


Actually, any underwear is a great idea for maternity photoshoot. Remember, you can play with it, add different clothing and accessories. Try to do some clothing experiments at home. Believe me, you could find the perfect match in the most unexpectable clothing combinations like, for example, lingerie and fur coat. Because that calls fashion baby!


One more great idea for a maternity photoshoot is nude style photos. And the best thing that you should not be totally naked. You can wear nude color strings & strapless sticky nude bra. It will be almost invisible in photos and make you feel more convenient.

One more advice I could give you - do not afraid of your pregnant body. Remember pregnancy is such a miracle period and your body looks just perfect!


Be creative & enjoy yourselves!


! PLEASE NOTE ! If you are using this article or any parts of it for personal or other purposes, you must indicate my authorship and all following:  Source: Photographer Katia Sativa



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