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40 Best Outfits Ideas for Maternity Photoshoot (Part 2)

Welcome to the second part of the 40 Best Outfits Ideas for Maternity Photoshoot. In this article, we will talk about bright and casual outfits for your pregnancy photography session. I'll provide you with 10 ideas and give some advice on how you may combine clothing.

I hope you are going to enjoy it!


As a first option, you could choose one of the most casual outfits most of u wearing every day at the home - comfy sweater and simple panties or shorts. Put your hair in a soft beam and your gonna look super natural and pretty on your maternity photos.


A bodysuit is one of the best options for your maternity photoshoot. It perfectly emphasizing mommy's bally and still covering it if you have stretching marks on it.

Below you can see one of the most common options that my clients choose for a maternity photography session. The black long sleeves bodysuit and above knee stockings. This outfit feets almost everyone. Plus as benefit stockings hiding swollen feet.

The bodysuit is a great option if you want to have photos in underwear but feel like you are not ready to pose in lingerie in front of a camera. In this case, to feel even more convenient you could add a robe or a cardigan on top. That will make you feel more covered but still sexy. See the samples below.

Also if you decided to wear a bodysuit but want to make your outfit a bit more unique. Then just pick a bright shade bodysuit, add high heels and accessories to it. Trust me that gonna make your look really special and trendy on your pregnancy session.

P.S. If you can't find a bright color body for your maternity photoshoot, just buy a one-piece swimsuit.

So now you see all the benefits f a body and why women adore to wear it not only for pregnancy but also for boudoir photography sessions.


Another option you might use for a maternity photoshoot is a pajama set. Combine a bright pajama with matchy color underwear and your photos gonna look cool and stylish.


The last casual option is a bright summer dress. Even though it might be autumn or winter outside, don't afraid to choose a favorite summer dress for your maternity photography session.

As an option, you could combine the dress with bright lipstick, heels and a straw hat.

Or put on a silk summer dress with man style short on top to look even more stylish.

Such an outfit will bring warmth and fresh spirit into any maternity photography session.


I hope this article was helpful and inspiring for you. But if you are still looking for more maternity photoshoot clothing ideas, you are welcome to check out my other articles!

Thank you for visiting my blog!


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Be creative & enjoy yourselves!


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