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So many people asking me how do I work, and how all the photo shooting process looks like.​
In this article, I will explain step by step process of a photo session from booking to receiving final photos. If you are interested in booking any photo shoot with me or any other photographer this information will be really helpful. The article will prepare you for what to expect at each photo session stage. 


First of all, you should decide what kind of photo shoot you need. It could be: Boudoir, Maternity, Love Story,  or  Lifestyle / Branding photo session, etc... You should define the purpose of the photo shoot, in other words where you will use final photos. You can go through my website and check various examples for each photo session mentioned above which might be helpful. 
If you are not sure what to choose or need any help you can always ask me. Just DM me on Instagram, Text or Call +1 (647) 308 - 4925 and I will do my best to help you make the right decision. 


Also, you need to select the most appropriate photo package for you. The easiest way to do that is to answer few simple questions : 
    1. How many outfits do you want to change?
    2. How many photos you want to receive? 
    3. Do you want an indoor or outdoor session?
    4. How many people will participate in your session? 
    5. Do you need Makeup & Hairstylist 
    6. What is your budget? 
You can skip this stage if you have specific preferences or you order an advertisement photo session. In this case, all details and prices are customs.
Still, if you are not sure, I'm ready to help!


Now you are ready to book your photo shoot and select the most appropriate date for you. Note, I could change the date of your photo shoot at this stage, if the date already taken by someone else, the makeup artist is not available, or other. However, if you have any special occasion like Engagement or other I will do my best to make it work for you. 

Usually, your photo shoot counts booked only after a photographer received a deposit. This stage is really important, especially if your photo session requires studio rental. If a photographer you chose doesn't take any prepayment, most likely s/he is not a professional and you can't be sure that your photo shoot will take place on the booked date. The deposit guarantees the date and time of your photo session booked only for you.
After the photographer receives prepayment s/he puts your photo-shoot on schedule & (if applicable) books a studio for you. Now you both can move forward and discuss all details like style, your idea, and others.
I also work on a deposit base only. The deposit amount depends on the photo shoot duration and studio rental price. You can ask more about it if you are interested in photo-shoot with me.


On this stage photographer books a photo studio for you (of course, if you need it). You should decide where you want to take pictures in Classic Studio or Decorated Studio (furnished interior). Both of them are different & provide specific photo effects. 
Classic Studio has flat (white/black/gray or color) background & professional lighting. In this kind of studio photographer is more concentrating on your personality & style. The classic studio is perfect for Business Headshots, Model/Actor Portfolio, and Advertisement photography.
Decorated Studio usually has large windows with natural lighting and a variety of furniture, so it's easier to take diverse photos. If you are not a professional model & want to get more than 5 hand-edited pictures, then it's better to choose Decorated Studio. I usually pick this kind of studio for Love Stories, Lifestyle, Boudoir, and Maternity photo sessions.
Nevertheless, your idea is the key point. The most appropriate way to make the right decision is to check inspirational photos and discuss photo shoot ideas with your photographer. 


Now it's time to discuss your idea & prepare all clothing and accessories for your photo shoot. Check Instagram, Pinterest or Google to get inspired and send pictures you like the most to the photographer. Most likely, s/he will provide you with even more inspirational photos and a list of appropriate clothing. Well, that's what I usually do.
Make sure you look your best at the photo session. When you choose clothing, please do not pick any damaged stuff. Clean and Iron all your clothing before the photo session. The same thing with shoes and accessories, make sure those all are clean, not damaged, and looking good. Prepare all your stuff in advance so you won't forget anything. 
It's a nice idea to buy new clothing for your photo shoot. Especially, if you want to wear something more extravagant than usual. For instance an amazing cocktail dress or perfect state. Do not forget that most of the stores have 30 days returning policy. So after your photo session is completed, you always can return the items you bought. Believe me, you won't be the first person who does that.
Remember, a well-designed outfit takes your photos to the next level and helps you to achieve the best result.


The day before I will send you the photo studio address and one more time confirm meeting details
If you got any questions during the preparation process, you can always ask me anything. I prefer to discuss all organization questions via text / DM or email, so both of us can always go back and check anything we need. I always try to reply to all messages as soon as possible. However, If I am busy with photo shooting someone, I'm not destructing on any calls and asking you for understanding.  In turn, you can be sure, that during your photo shoot I will be all yours and will not pay any attention on my phone.


Finally! Today is yours photo shoot day! And we will create amazing photos for you! 
But before, make sure you took all clothing & accessories with you. Also, always better to come 5-10 minutes before the photo session, to prepare all staff.
During the photo shoot try to be yourself and relax, I will help you with poses and will find your best angles. 
On this day after or before the shooting, you should make your final payment to the photographer, makeup artist & hairstylist.


During this stage, I'm editing the best pictures to make them look even better! You do not need to worry here, just relax and wait. Editing usually takes from one to two weeks or as agreed.  This is one of the most crucial stages of the photo session and it takes time. So if you want to get really nice and professional result be patient and let me work with magic :)


After all done, I'll send you all the edited photos. Now you can finally, enjoy your photos and collect compliments ;)
Please, always tell me what do you think about the received photos and how do you feel after our co-working experience. Your feedback really matters for me! You can send it via email or leave it on my page for feedback, click to visit the reviews page
If you do like my work & photos, please tag on them when you post it on social media. I will be super grateful! And, of course, come back with family & friends, because I have special discounts for my client's future sessions.

Wow, this article turned out longer than I expected. But I tried to include all necessary information and go step by step through all photo shoot process. Of course, each photographer has its own rules and working manner. However, this is how I and most of the other photographers usually work.

Nevertheless, be sure, now you are more prepared for any photo session and I do hope this article was helpful for you! :)

Hope to see you as my client soon!

Thank YOU!!!

! PLEASE NOTE ! If you are using this article or any parts of it for personal or other purposes, you must indicate my authorship and all following: 
Source: Photographer Katia Sativa 

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