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  Katia Sativa Professiona Photographer in Toronto

Trust professional to express your personality. 

Take all Essential Photos and Body Shots You Need in one place.

why order professional photoshoot

If you’d like to work professionally as an actor/ess or model, you’ll need to make a portfolio. High-quality portfolio is a basic requirement at the beginning of your professional career. This portfolio functions as a document that you can distribute to casting director at or before the audition. A good portfolio is your pass ticket to obtaining the desirable contract. Without it, it's almost impossible to get to any casting and therefore find a job in media & fashion industry.

Since competition in the fashion & show business is very high, simple amateur photos don't work for professional model or actor/ess. If you want people in this industry take you seriously, you should show serious approach to your career. Right way to do it is to prepare the best acrotr/ess or model book you can. After all, your future as a model or actor/ess and your chances for successful career greatly depend on this book.

The portfolio is your main "document" and business card at the same time. Perfect book shows you real, emphasizing your best sides and represent your skill level. Model and actor/ess portfolios are different. Both of them have own specific features that should be considered on preparation and production stage of the photo shoot. As a professional photographer, I know exactly how to capture your best angels. Even if your new to modeling for acting I'll help you to create a high quality portfolio without any experience.

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My goal is to accent your best sides and reflect your personality through beautiful photos.

Invest in your career!

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29 years old, Actor

Great shots, Great prices and Top quality. These are only some of the many good things that Katia has. It's definitely the place for actors, models and anyone, to create professional photos.  Katia knew exactly what she was doing and I felt that I was in great hands throughout the entire shoot.


24 years old, Model

Sativa Photography was a great place to update my model portfolio. It was so easy to work with Katia, she managed to capture my best angles and helped me a lot with outfits. Believe my experience, she will work with you to get the exact shot you're looking for. Amazing photos! Thank you again! 


19 years old, Law Student

I’m not experienced model but Katia did the magic! She not just took a pics, she actually taught me how to be a model: she dressed me in the beautiful outfits, explained how to place my body against the camera, showed what to do with my hands and a lot more! 
I had so much fun with a great outcome! Thank you a lot! Looking forward to work with you again!

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