Professional Engageent Photoshoot in Toronto by Katia Sativa

Real emotions, real relationship, real you.
Capture your love and unforgettable moments.


Love story, couple shoot, engagement photo session…. we can call it in different ways, but I just adore to photograph people in love.

Considering the fact we are living in a ‘selfie’ Instagram generation, having proper beautiful photos of ourselves, is low on our agenda. People tend to only choose professional photographs when they just got a baby or create a family. Also, many people think that engagement photoshoot is only taking place before the wedding so bride & groom get used to be in front of a camera. However, it can be so much more than that. Timeless, beautiful photographs of you both together are a lasting record of your life, of your romance, of a moment in time.  Love story session is a unique chance to express yourself and love between you two.

Love Story and Engagement photoshoot in Toronto are great as they give you confidence. You will see that having photographs taken isn’t something to be worried or nervous about. Most importantly, you will see that you DO look amazing on camera!
Every couple I work with is uniquely different.  I offer two unique types of Love story / engagement photoshoot in Toronto with different amounts of coverage at different price ranges to fit what you are looking for.

Katia Sativa





My goal is to capture all the magic, tenderness and love between you two.

Invest in your memories!



Tural & Narmin

25 years old, Software Engineer & 24 years old, Chemical Engineer

Katia captured our engagement photoshoot in Toronto, and it was so beautifully!! She made the most of our time and made us feel so comfortable. We are over the moon and cannot stop smiling, looking at our photos. Thanks so much Katia! You rock!

Dina & Leo

27 years old, Architect & 29 years old, Aeronautical Engineer

Katia was amazing on our engagement  day. She made sure we felt totally comfortable and got all the pictures we needed. Such a fabulous day and got all the pictures we wanted. We will cherish every one of them. Thank you again! The only regret, Katia doesn't  do  wedding photos, because she was way better than our wedding photographer. But it was truly an amazing experience of engagement photoshoot in Toronto 

Chloe & Susan

28 years old, Nurse & 31 years old, Chef 

Katia was an absolute JOY to work with! Managing to put two camera shy people at ease right away. And brings positive, calm energy and a huge dose of creativity to her work. Our engagement photos were ready in one week and they are gorgeous!!


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Professional photography service in Toronto by Katia Sativa