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  Professional boudoir photographer in Toronto Katia Sativa

Photos that give you permission to see yourself

as beautiful as you really are. 

Thank you for visiting my website and considering me as your photographer.

Currently, I'm out of the country and will be back 
late Spring 2024

Hope to work with you in the future.


I bought a boudoir shoot and it was amazing. I would have paid double the price. Have the poses you want to do on your phone, and she will help you get the look you are going for. My pictures turned out great! Everything was easy and seamless."


—  Julia,  29 years old, Sales Manager

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My mission is to capture the true charisma of my heroes through the prism of their own natural attractiveness. 

8 reasons boudoir photoshoot



1. Present for yourself
First of all boudoir photoshoot is a great present for yourself. Because the experience will make you feel like you are ruling the world.

2. Good portion of self-confidence
Accomplishing something so personal for yourself is the best sort of treatment for a negative self-attitude. Boudoir parachute is one more step in the way up to your strong and self-confident personality.

3. Helps to see you real 
A boudoir photoshoot in Toronto may give you a glimpse at a side of yourself that even you haven’t seen.  It is a great way to see yourself as beautiful & sexy as you really are.

4. Celebrate being single 
The first thing people usually do after breaking up is blocking their ex from all social media and cutting mutual photos. However, the first thing I believe they should do is to buy new sexy lingerie and go for a boudoir photo shoot. It will remind you how amazing you are. Also, you can always post some of the photos and then block him/her  :P

5. Good reason to buy new sexy lingerie
Not that you need any reason to go shopping, but is there any person who doesn't like choosing new underwear? It gives you a great opportunity to please yourself and your soulmate with a new sexy style.

6. Gift for your soul mate
A boudoir photoshoot in Toronto is a great to present for Valentine's day, b-day or any other special occasion for your partner. As one of my clients said: My husband was pleased, as well as his libido! So no comments)

7. One more way to capture your love
Do you celebrate anniversaries or any other special occasion?  The boudoir photoshoot is an amazing new experience for both of you. As well as the way to tell your love story and capture the best feelings between the two of you. 

8. Just because! 
Do you really need any reason to feel awesome? Do it just because you want it! Seriously. Why not?

Contact me to plan your perfect boudoir photoshoot in Toronto.


If you have any questions regarding the boudoir photoshoot in Toronto do not hesitate, ask me now! 

You will receive an answer within 24 hours.

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